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Each one is different. You can buy the stock ones (stiff), mediums, or soft. I use the medium spring in the rear, rear end hooks up nice on a hardwood floor with soft tires. I'll probably switch back to the stiff one once my carpet track/Bar is done in the basement. Each spring set comes with 6 ride height shims. The mediums are pretty cushy, I can't see wanting to go softer, but maybe some of you that have tried them could shed some light.

As far as the shims, I actually did some adjusting with them just a few minutes ago. I put 2 under the spring, then one betweenthe bottom of the steering knuckle and the cover on each side. Drops the front about a millimeter over stock, then the other one compresses the spring to make it just a weee bit stiffer. I keep the rear about a millimeter higher, car seems to handle great. Gives me controllable understeer on off-throttle cornering.
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