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Old 07-26-2005, 06:17 PM
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Default epoch pcb, hobby servo?

Posted this at ripper, but I figure its a question appropriate here too, even if the car in question isn't

I'm in the last stretch of my custom xmod and I decided to go with AAA cutouts and making a ghetto battery box instead of soldering them. Anyway, I was planning on using the rc18t stock Rx and either a DRR Esc, novak spy or rc18t stock ESC. With my layout there really isnt a good way to mount it all, so I starting thinking an epoch board would do the job nicely (w/ an external turbo that is). So the question is can you hook up a standard hobby servo (hs-56 in this case) to the epoch PCB? I've read about people bypassing the pot/board in a servo and just using the case, is this what I'd have to do or could i just wire solder the 3 wires down?

Also, the I'm going to build the epoch turbo design that is floating around here with 4562 chips (2 total), will that handle a 130 motor in an xmod? If yes, how hot of a 130?
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