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Old 07-27-2006, 07:14 AM
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Default R & R Battery Mod

Finally completed most of the photo tutorial for the R & R battery mod.

Link to photo tutorial in my gallery.
Click on the thumbnails then scroll down to see the description and comment section under each photo, there are two nested albums one for the chassis modification and another for the wiring.

R & R stands for Remove and Replace, this mod allows you to quickly and easily swap out batteries simply by loosening the bottom screws and sliding out a battery pack that connects using polarized micro connectors.

With this mod your Epoch can have, use, and swap in and out a variety of battery packs; stock 3-cell,120 mAh 4.8 volt 4-cell, 195 mAh 3-cell, E-Tec 200 mAh single cell LiPo’s, 340 mAh parallel cell LiPo’s, or anything else under 5 volts that will fit in the opened up battery compartment.

With over 1/3rd more capacity than the stock pack my favorite everyday Epoch battery pack is the 195 mAh 3-cell NiMH it delivers more punch that the original Kan 180 packs I was making while being exceptionally resilient to charging abuse. Although I prefer to charging them on a digital peak charger it can also be charged on the Epoch charger simply by running it through two charge cycles.

Use a LiPo

Then remove the body, unplug it and swap in a 195 mAh NiMH in less than a minute.

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Old 07-28-2006, 08:03 PM
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HI there LBRC, I hope I can still purcase that RSX you made for me. I'm looking at a month's time for payment. Hope you can hold it that long for me. Thanks!
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